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Gabriella Scott knows one thing for sure. One of the true loves in her life is reading and now writing romance. A voracious reader in a day long before the Young Adult genre of today, she picked up a Stephen King novel at a young age and loved every second of it. It also led to many sleepless nights worrying that Gage from Pet Sematary would pop out of her closet with a scalpel. 

After that, she decided the happily ever after ending of romance suited her better. 

She wrote her first novella, Dubicki’s and realized she didn’t want to stop writing romance. Dubicki’s is a holiday themed romance about a family owned business, a bar named Dubicki’s that has been in the family for generations. Kelsey Dubicki drops out of college to work in the bar. One day she meets Jason Rourke and realizes that his company wants to acquire and demolish he business her family has built. She also realizes that she has a powerful attraction to the man that her family considers the enemy. 

Guarded Heart, the second novel in the Dubicki’s series centers around MMA fighter Jesse Dubicki and Carissa Hart, who he meets one night in his family’s bar. His sole focus should be on his career as a rising star as an athlete, but he cannot resist Carissa. Carissa was born with a losing hand in life, but she tries not to let it haunt her. She wants nothing to do with Jesse Dubicki and will do everything in her power to try denying the strong desire she feels for him. 

Stay is the forthcoming third book in the Dubicki’s series. The oldest Dubicki brother Adam is angry. He assumed the family business after the sudden death of his father. He has always given his all and made family first. Then the one woman he pledged his life to left him and their son. Dana is the young barfly that seems like a little sister to him. He watches her from afar until one passionate night that they’d both like to forget consumes him. 

Gabriella is also working on the first of three paranormal romance novels.

The Fade

The fade is the plane that exists between life and death. Julia has the gift to get into the fade to rescue souls before they are taken by Demons and doomed to Hell.

Julia not only works side by side with Demons in the fade, she soon learns that only she and one other demon can SAVE the fade from destruction.

While she works to find the demon to help her save the fade she will be challenged in ways she never imagined possible.

She'll fall in love and realize that the man she loves is a demon.

And that's just for starters..

Gabriella graduated from McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota majoring in vocal performance. She has spent 20 years working in finance during the day and writing is the perfect thing to soothe her soul when she’s not making music or crunching numbers. She appears in cover bands from time to time as a keyboard (piano) player and singer. She lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

All of her books are available online via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and more. 

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